Israel intensifies demolitions of Palestinian homes in Gaza amid heightened scrutiny | Occupied East Jerusalem News

In occupied East Jerusalem, Fakhri Abu Diab was caught off guard when Israeli authorities arrived on February 14 to evict his family and demolish their home. Born and raised in that house, Abu Diab lost all his belongings, including treasured memories like a photo of his mother holding him as a child that hung on the wall.

Since the devastating war on Gaza, the Jerusalem municipality has increased home demolitions in East Jerusalem, where most of the city’s 362,000 Palestinians reside. Nearly 87 homes have been bulldozed since Hamas’s attack on Israel last year, prompting concerns that Palestinians are being uprooted from the city.

The discrimination against Palestinians in East Jerusalem results in them building without permits as only majority Jewish neighborhoods are allowed to build. According to Israeli lawyer Daniel Seidemann, the Israeli authorities have issued orders to demolish many “illegal” Palestinian homes, leading to an atmosphere of fear among residents.

Human rights activists condemn the demolitions as a form of state violence aimed at displacing Palestinians from the city. Fakhri Abu Diab, a human rights activist and elected spokesperson of Silwan, has been targeted by Israeli authorities in the past but remains committed to speaking out against injustices.

Abu Diab’s story highlights the urgent need for advocacy and protection of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, especially with municipal elections approaching. There are concerns that far-right candidates could further escalate home demolitions, leading to more displacement and violence against Palestinians.

While Abu Diab finds refuge with friends and relatives after losing his home, he worries about the financial burden of paying for the demolition. His primary concern now is finding a new home for his grandchildren, who are struggling to understand why their house was destroyed.

Despite his resilience, Abu Diab fears that continued home demolitions will eventually trigger a strong reaction from Palestinians in East Jerusalem. The ongoing injustices and displacement are fueling anger and frustration among the community, raising concerns for the future.

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