In times of silence, the law speaks | Israel’s Conflict with Gaza

The situation in Gaza has been described as a crisis, horror, and tragedy, but these words seem inadequate to truly capture the scale of the violence. As a Palestinian, I know that words are not in short supply for us. Children in Gaza even held a press conference asking for protection and the chance to live like other children.

The attacks on Israel in October led to a devastating death toll, with Israeli forces killing an average of 250 Palestinians per day. Over one million people have been displaced to Rafah, where they wait in fear of the next military operation.

In times like these, words can fail us, but we must hold onto the language of human rights and international law. We must speak of obligations, violations, and atrocity crimes. The laws of occupation and war must guide our understanding of the situation.

I attended my brother’s wedding in the West Bank, only to have it marred by violent attacks from armed settlers. Many Palestinians face increasing insecurity and violence, with children being the most vulnerable. The recent war has led to unprecedented levels of dehumanization and violence.

The extreme violence, including attacks on civilians and denial of humanitarian aid, may constitute war crimes. The dehumanization of Palestinians by some Israeli officials has only exacerbated the situation.

It is terrifying that some world leaders have failed to condemn these atrocities. The world must demand an end to the violence, adherence to international law, and accountability for those responsible. Every child has the right to safety and protection, regardless of their nationality.

As we move forward, we must ensure that the rule of law prevails in order to create a fairer and safer world for all children. We must hold those who violate human rights accountable and work towards a peaceful resolution to this devastating conflict.

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