United Nations News: WFP Ceases Food Deliveries to North Gaza Due to ‘Complete Chaos, Violence’

The UN food agency has paused delivering aid to northern Gaza, citing Israeli gunfire as well as “complete chaos and violence due to the collapse of civil order” in the area.

The latest suspension on Tuesday increases fears of starvation in northern Gaza, which has been almost completely cut off from aid since late October amid Israel’s devastating war on the enclave.

The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) said the decision “has not been taken lightly” as it risks people dying of hunger. But it said that “the safety and security to deliver critical food aid – and for people receiving it must be ensured”


The agency said it had first suspended deliveries to the north three weeks ago after a strike hit an aid truck. It tried resuming deliveries this week but said convoys on Sunday and Monday faced gunfire and crowds of hungry people stripping goods and beating a driver.

Footage from the scene of the operations, verified by Al Jazeera, shows Palestinians fleeing to take cover amid the sound of gun shots and clouds of fumes from smoke bombs.

Witnesses said one man died and many others were wounded in the attacks.

The videos also show Palestinian children scooping up spilled flour from the ground after one sack broke open. The WFP – which has previously warned of famine-like conditions affecting 2.3 million people in Gaza – said its teams “witnessed unprecedented levels of desperation” in the north over the past two days.

The agency said it was working to resume deliveries as soon as possible and called for better security for its staff as well as “significantly higher volumes of food” and the opening of crossing points for aid directly into northern Gaza from Israel.

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