Palestinians in Rafah Await Israeli Attack, Fearing Martyrdom: Israel’s War on Gaza News

Seham al-Najjar and her family have sought refuge in Rafah, Gaza Strip in an effort to escape the relentless bombardment and ground invasion occurring in other parts of the Gaza Strip due to Israel’s assault. Seham fled Khan Younis with her family to Rafah, fearing that Rafah could face a similar fate as Khan Younis, which had been reduced to rubble by Israel.

Much of the population in Rafah are preparing for a potential Israeli attack, with rights groups and United Nations agencies warning of potential atrocities. The situation is dire with extreme overcrowding, difficult living conditions, shortages of potable water, and little access to food due to Israel’s blockage of aid delivery.

Feryal al-Najjar expressed her fears for her family’s safety, having been displaced multiple times and now feeling there’s nowhere left to go to avoid potential attacks. She fears Rafah may be their last hope and expressed desperation for a ceasefire.

The possibility of a looming catastrophe and a truce between Israel and Hamas is being negotiated by Qatar, Egypt, and the United States, but a deal is not imminent. The control of the Philadelphi Corridor by Israel has raised concerns about the potential displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and risks upending past peace accords.

Seham and her family, like many others in Rafah, are living in fear of potential massacres and feel as though they are waiting to be martyred, with no safe haven to go to.

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