US to Impose Sanctions on 500 Entities Linked to Russia Prior to Anniversary of Ukraine War | Latest Update on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The US is announcing sanctions on more than 500 Russian-linked targets in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago and the death of opposition leader Alexey Navalny. These sanctions are the largest single tranche of penalties since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The US Department of State and the Treasury are set to announce these economic restrictions and the White House has prepared major penalties after the death of Navalny.

President Joe Biden stated that sanctions against President Putin, who is responsible for Navalny’s death, would be announced. The Kremlin has denied Putin’s involvement in Navalny’s death. The US is working with other countries to keep pressure on Russia over its war on Ukraine and is coordinating with European allies to impose sanctions on Russia.

Additionally, the US and its allies have imposed trade restrictions, frozen central bank assets, and capped the price at which Russian crude oil can be sold on global markets. However, these actions have not significantly impacted Russia’s ability to wage war. Meanwhile, Putin announced that 95 percent of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces had been modernized and praised soldiers fighting in Ukraine as heroes.

The Biden administration has exhausted previous funds approved for Ukraine, and a request for additional military aid funds is stuck in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Congressional action is needed to provide Ukraine with the necessary resources and weapons for defense.

Furthermore, the US has been coordinating with its European allies to impose sanctions on Russia, and European Union members have approved a 13th package of sanctions against Russia. The United Kingdom has also imposed sanctions on officials overseeing the penal colony where Navalny died. Moreover, sanctions and export controls are intended to slow Russia down and make it harder for them to fight their war in Ukraine.

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