US Marine Corps selects two companies to vie for future tactical vehicle contract

The U.S. Marine Corps has announced its selection of two companies, Mack Defense and Navistar Defense, to participate in Phase I of the development of the Medium Tactical Truck program.

According to a press release, this program aims to replace the existing Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) fleet, including Cargo, Dump, Wrecker, Tractor, and Re-Supply Variants.

Phase I, expected to span approximately 12 months, will see both companies leveraging the Marine Corps’ top-level requirements to submit innovative design concepts and comprehensive project plans for the Cargo variant of the Medium Tactical Truck.

Key system requirements for this next-generation fleet include the integration of hybrid electric technologies to achieve reduced fuel consumption, extended range, and a silent watch capability. All-terrain mobility is crucial, with a focus on a 70% off-road and 30% on-road mission profile. Additionally, the new trucks are expected to have a 60-inch water fording capability, a 10-kilowatt onboard power generation capacity, and the ability to provide up to 30 kilowatts of exportable power generation for external demands.

The legacy MTVR platform, previously produced by Oshkosh Defense, encompasses cargo, dumper, wrecker, tractor, and resupply variants. Introduced in the early 2000s, this versatile vehicle has been a vital component supporting the Marine Air-Ground Task Force. Its original 22-year service life was extended to 2042.

Marine Corps officials express their commitment to collaborating with Mack Defense and Navistar Defense during this crucial development phase. Together, they aim to deliver a Medium Tactical Truck that can meet the diverse and challenging needs of Marine Corps missions effectively.

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