“US and European Powers Support Mark Rutte as Next NATO Head” – NATO News

The support of top NATO powers makes Rutte the favorite to succeed current Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in October. The United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany have all backed outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to become NATO’s next Secretary General at a crucial time for the alliance as Russia’s war against Ukraine continues.

On Thursday, top NATO powers expressed their support for Rutte to succeed Stoltenberg, putting him in a strong position to lead the alliance. Stoltenberg’s successor will take office at a crucial time, tasked with sustaining NATO members’ support for Ukraine and guarding against any escalation that would draw the alliance directly into a war with Moscow.

The United States has made it clear that they believe Rutte would be an excellent Secretary General for NATO, while the UK strongly backs him, wanting a candidate who will keep NATO strong and deliver on the alliance’s NATO 2030 vision. The French and German governments also support Rutte, with President Emmanuel Macron an early supporter of his candidacy.

Diplomats have said that Rutte is the only official candidate for the post in the behind-the-scenes contest, although the name of Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has also been discussed. However, with the support of Washington and the three big European nations, Rutte is in a commanding position.

Some analysts believe he could face opposition from Turkey and Hungary. After ruling himself out for the NATO post in previous years, Rutte has expressed interest in the role, stating that it is a very interesting job.

Founded in 1949 to counter the Soviet Union during the Cold War, NATO is a political and military alliance of countries from North America and Europe. NATO leaders are appointed by consensus, with all members needing to consent to a final decision.

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