Violence Increases in DR Congo as UN Security Council Sanctions Rebels | United Nations News

A committee of the United Nations Security Council has imposed an arms embargo, travel ban, and asset freeze on the leaders of six armed groups fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, due to escalating violence in the country’s northeastern region. The leaders of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), Twirwaneho armed group, National Coalition of the People for the Sovereignty of Congo (CNPSC) rebels, M23 Tutsi-led rebels, and the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) have been sanctioned by the committee.

The violence in the region has displaced nearly seven million people in the past three decades as more than 120 armed groups vie for control of the mineral-rich area. The recent resurgence of fighting has caused the displacement of more than 400,000 people, leading to a surge in cases of cholera due to a lack of safe drinking water.

The M23 rebel group’s advancement has resulted in the army repositioning itself east of Sake, further exacerbating the already dire humanitarian situation. President Felix Tshisekedi’s government has called for the withdrawal of the UN peacekeeping forces, stating that they have failed to protect civilians. They are now relying on soldiers from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to address the conflict.

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