Delays in Western arms deliveries are costing lives in Ukraine, claims Umerov | Latest updates on Russia-Ukraine conflict

Ukraine’s defense minister expressed concerns about delayed shipments of arms leading to losses of troops and territory. He stated that half of the promised Western military support did not arrive on time, hindering military planners and resulting in casualties in Russia’s war.

During the “Ukraine. Year 2024” forum in Kyiv, Rustan Umerov emphasized the impact of delayed aid shipments on Ukrainian troop losses and highlighted Russia’s superior military strength. He urged Western allies to fulfill their commitments to help Ukraine resist Moscow’s aggression.

In the ongoing conflict, Russian attacks in Ukraine’s south and east have intensified, causing civilian casualties. Ukrainian air defenses have intercepted enemy drones, and Russian forces are advancing near Avdiivka.

Despite facing ammunition shortages, Umerov and Ukrainian military commander-in-chief Oleksandr Syrskii visited front-line combat posts to assess the situation. Delays in delivering military aid to Ukraine have put the country at a disadvantage against Russia’s war economy.

Political disputes in the US Congress have stalled a vital aid package to Ukraine, impacting the country’s ability to defend itself. However, Ukrainian officials remain hopeful for continued support from the US and other allies.

While detailing challenges in military deliveries, Umerov reassured that Ukrainian forces are determined to make progress this year. He mentioned a strong military strategy in place for the coming months but did not give specifics.

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