Protesting Ukrainian farmers demand Poland take action against grain dumping | News on Protests

Ukraine has urged Poland to take action against those responsible for destroying 160 tonnes of Ukrainian grain at a railway station in Poland. Kyiv has requested that Warsaw identify and punish the culprits, as stated by Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov on Monday.
According to Kubrakov, the destruction of the grain during protests at the railway station was an act of “impunity and irresponsibility.” The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the importance of finding, neutralizing, and punishing those who damaged the Ukrainian grain, describing it as a matter of interest for both countries.
Earlier reports indicated that 160 tonnes of Ukrainian grain destined for other countries via the port of Gdansk had been dumped at a railway station near Bydgoszcz in eastern Poland. This incident marked the fourth occasion of Ukrainian grain being wasted by protesting Polish farmers in recent weeks.
Kubrakov expressed concerns over the resemblance of the planned demonstration videos and comments to Russian hybrid warfare activities. He underscored the necessity of finding a solution to the ongoing border blockades that are impacting both Ukrainian and Polish businesses.
President Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized the importance of maintaining strong relations with Poland while promising to defend Ukrainian businesses affected by the border blockades. Despite efforts to find a compromise, the blockades continue to disrupt trade between the two countries. Additionally, farmers from various European nations have been protesting against foreign competition, environmental regulations, and other challenges in the agricultural sector.

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