Conservative Party in the UK suspends MP for remarks linking Islamists to London’s mayor

Lee Anderson will now sit as an independent lawmaker in parliament after facing criticism for his remarks. The UK’s Conservative Party suspended Anderson after he made comments suggesting that London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, was controlled by “Islamists”. Khan, who is the first Muslim mayor of London and a member of the Labour Party, has been a target of criticism for his handling of policing and support for pro-Palestinian marches.
The suspension came after pro-Palestinian protests outside parliament during a vote on the conflict in Gaza, with the speaker of the house changing the voting procedure due to safety concerns. Despite attempts to paint the pro-Palestinian movement as dangerous, polls show that the majority of British respondents support ending Israel’s attacks on Gaza.
Anderson’s comments received backlash from all sides, with Labour Party members calling them racist and Islamophobic. Senior Tory members also condemned his remarks. The Muslim Council of Britain labeled the comments as “disgusting” and extremist.
In response to the criticism, the Conservative Party suspended Anderson from representing them in Parliament, resulting in him sitting as an independent lawmaker. Incidents of Islamophobia in the UK have been on the rise, with anti-Muslim hate crimes more than tripling following the Israel-Gaza conflict. Monitoring groups have recorded a significant increase in hate incidents, prompting calls for political leaders to address the issue.

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