What’s the Controversy Behind Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Vladimir Putin? | News

American news anchor Tucker Carlson is poised to release a highly anticipated interview with Vladimir Putin on Thursday, raising concerns from the White House about giving the Russian president a platform. Carlson, a former presenter at Fox News known for his conservative viewpoints, confirmed the interview will be broadcast at 23:00 GMT on his website and the social media platform X, where he hosts a show called Tucker on X.

Here’s what we know about the interview and the controversy surrounding it:
– Carlson has confirmed that he is in Moscow to interview Putin. He stated in a video posted on X that the purpose of the interview is to provide Americans with insight into Russia’s perspective on the Ukraine-Russia war.
– The interview will be available on Carlson’s website and will be shared “uncensored” on X. This marks Putin’s first formal interview with a Western journalist since the invasion of Ukraine nearly two years ago.
– According to TASS news agency, Carlson spent several days in Moscow and indicated that he had also requested an interview with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
– The interview is being conducted as Democrats plan to make another attempt to restore US military funding to Ukraine on Thursday.
– The goal of the interview, according to Carlson, is to enable Americans to understand Russia’s views on the war and its impact on the world.

The interview has stirred controversy, with the White House expressing opposition to Putin being given a platform to justify his war in Ukraine. Additionally, the interview has drawn criticism from journalists and politicians, while Carlson and his supporters have defended it as an exercise of freedom of speech.

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