Thousands of Brazilians come out in solidarity with Bolsonaro as coup investigation looms | Latest updates on Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil’s ex-president, Jair Bolsonaro, has gathered a large number of supporters in an attempt to show his political strength as investigations into his alleged coup attempt gain momentum. Thousands of Brazilians rallied in support of Bolsonaro following accusations that he tried to orchestrate a coup after losing the 2022 election.

Bolsonaro, who organized the rally in Sao Paulo after a police raid, denied the coup allegations and criticized the election ban preventing him from running for office for eight years. Addressing his followers on Sunday, Bolsonaro stated that a coup involves tanks, weapons, and conspiracy, none of which occurred in Brazil. He emphasized that no authority should be able to eliminate a political figure without just cause.

The former president, who had his passport seized, has been accused of manipulating a draft decree to overturn election results, pressuring military officials to join a coup, and conspiring to arrest a Supreme Court justice following his defeat to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Bolsonaro’s supporters, likened to former US President Donald Trump, stormed government buildings in January 2023, demanding a military takeover.

Amid various investigations, including falsifying COVID-19 vaccine records and misusing gifts from foreign countries, Bolsonaro defended his actions as constitutional. He also called for amnesty for those involved in the January 8 riot to promote reconciliation and peace in Brazil.

Although barred from running for office until 2030 due to abuse of power convictions, Bolsonaro remains a prominent figure in Brazilian politics, opposing Lula. With mayoral elections approaching, candidates are aligning with either leader.

Bolsonaro’s rally in Sao Paulo aimed to display his ongoing popularity and influence in upcoming elections. His supporters, dressed in Brazil’s colors, showed solidarity with the ex-president. Amid legal challenges and the threat of imprisonment, Bolsonaro aims to position himself as a key player in the municipal elections in October, demonstrating his political importance.

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