Should I rummage through Ranbir’s closet? Alia Bhatt, who is expecting, advocates for maternity clothing.

Mother-to-be As is common for pregnant women, Alia Bhatt is currently in the stage of her pregnancy where she is actively looking for clothing that she can fit into.

They are all too accustomed with modifying the clothes to fit their expanding physique. This is possibly the reason the actor, who is many months along with her first pregnancy, made a case for maternity clothing in her most recent Instagram post, in which she discussed how to modify her personal style to be more “bump-friendly.”

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Bhatt stated that she started her children’s clothing company about two years ago, and that she is now introducing her own line of maternity clothes as she gets ready to give birth to a kid of her own.

“I launched a children’s clothes line two years ago. Since I don’t have children, everyone questioned why I’m working on a kids’ brand. The Brahmstra star wrote, “I am now starting my own brand of maternity apparel.

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She continued, “While it does not require an explanation as to why she chose it given that she is expecting, the reason she went through with it is because the star was left feeling overwhelmed when it came to choosing maternity apparel for herself. She even gave thought to carrying the baby while donning her spouse Ranbir Kapoor’s outfits.

It’s not like I’ve previously purchased maternity clothing. But once I started, I became too overwhelmed. You don’t know how you’re going to feel or look over the upcoming months, and let’s face it, it can be difficult to not be able to select the proper outfit. Do I purchase familiar brands in larger sizes? Should I steal from Ranbir’s closet? The post by the 29-year-old said.


She continued by saying she has begun to modify her personal appearance to be more “bump-friendly.” “I made clothes that I didn’t have to share with my husband, added elastic to my favorite pants, and wore flowy gowns to prevent unpleasant belly-touching. The actor claimed that comfort came before “airport looks”.

Shortly after getting married, the actor announced her pregnancy in April of this year. She captioned a photo of the couple gazing at the monitor that appeared to show their baby during an ultrasound, “Our baby…coming soon.” A heart covered it up.

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