Russians Conduct Testing on Captured Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Russian military forces have conducted weapons testing on a captured Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) obtained in Ukraine.

The testing aimed to identify vulnerabilities and assess the capabilities of the M2A2 ODS-SA Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.

During the evaluation, the Bradley IFV was subjected to gunfire from the standard 30mm autocannon 2A42, using armor-piercing rounds 3UBR6 and 3UBR8. While the results of the testing remain undisclosed, visual evidence from onboard screens of the Bradley IFV indicates the typical signs of weapons testing. Additionally, all boxy explosive reactive armor (ERA) bricks, known as Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles (BRAT), were removed from the sides of the hull, presumably for detailed analysis.

Russian forces are meticulously studying captured samples of Western military vehicles and weapons obtained on the battlefield in Ukraine to identify their weaknesses. Analysts suggest that Russians are unlikely to attempt to replicate Western military equipment due to differences in tactical concepts and the technological limitations of their industrial base, which may hinder the production of high-quality replicas of American or European weaponry.

The testing of captured military vehicles underscores Russia’s ongoing efforts to gather intelligence and enhance its understanding of Western military technology. However, challenges related to technological limitations and doctrinal disparities may limit Russia’s ability to replicate or effectively integrate Western equipment into its own military arsenal.

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