Polish farmers protest against grain imports by blocking Ukraine’s border | Agriculture News

Farmers are upset about what they consider unfair competition from less expensive imports from Ukraine, Poland’s war-torn neighbor and ally. This has led to widespread protests in Poland and other European countries. Spanish, Italian, and Belgian farmers have also been protesting due to concerns about the EU’s Green Deal plan and competition from non-EU countries, particularly Ukraine.

In Poland, farmers have been driving their tractors through cities, blocking roads to the Ukrainian border, and spilling Ukrainian grain in protest. They are demanding that Poland withdraw from the Green Deal and stop importing agricultural products from Ukraine. The Ukrainian ambassador to Poland condemned the spilling of Ukrainian grain by protesters in Medyka, calling for decisive action by the police.

The farmers argue that the influx of Ukrainian food imports is detrimental to their livelihoods, as it has caused a surplus in the market and decreased prices. The EU recently eased restrictions on fallow land to alleviate some of the pressure on farmers, and Ukraine has become increasingly reliant on exporting through Poland after the Russian invasion complicated other trading routes.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticized the protesting Polish farmers, stating that their actions indicated an “erosion of solidarity.” He emphasized that the situation is more about politics than grain, and that the blockade of Ukraine is a betrayal of European values.

In response to the protests, Ukrainian drivers have started a rally near three border crossings with Poland. More protests are expected in central Europe in the coming days.

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