Makeup products tips for extremely dry skin

When creating a face , a professional makeup artist , in addition to considering how those facial features know which ones to shade and make others stand out, also considers whether the skin is dry, oily, or mixed.

Because the products we apply are different for different skin types, the results are the best and the longer the makeup lasts, the better.



So, what products should we use to do makeup for dry skin? and the order in which to apply them. Everything is important in this makeup and don’t forget about it.


Makeup products for dry skin

For dry skin, you should use makeup products such as:

  • Face smoothing primer : Dry skin tends to have more fine lines and wrinkles than oily skin. For this reason, the primers we have chosen for the face have a smoothing or lifting effect .
  • Foundation in cream form , more or less satin: Foundation cream is best for dry skin. The liquid ones tend to create too many expression lines, while the powdered ones leave the face too stiff. Therefore, it is better to use something that comes in some kind of compact with its own sponge for application. Some often moisten before applying to give the skin a better appearance. Use a sponge to spread the makeup base well and use your fingers to blur the scars on the temples, hair growth, ears and neck.
  • Cream Eyeshadow : I rarely have dry face and oily eyelids. For this reason, we believe that the best eyeshadows anyone with dry skin can use are eyeshadows in cream form. They are more durable than those in powder form. ‘Waterproof’ . It can be applied with the tip of your ring finger or a synthetic hair brush.
cream eyeshadow




  • Cream blush : I’ll apply a cream blush so that the cheeks aren’t stiff. Like our cream eyeshadows, they are durable and can be applied with your fingers. If you decide to use a brush, use synthetic hair on the ends, such as a skunk type.
  • El Contour and Highlighter You can choose from powders and creams to your liking. Because you don’t have to have one type or the other when applying to small areas.
  • El ear corrector I recommend applying it in liquid form and then using a smudge brush with a translucent powder to keep the lines from coming out.
  • Choose the lipstick or gloss you want, the color that best suits your lips in that particular makeup, and that’s it! There is no demand for this.
lip makeup
  • Since we’ve used a lot of cream products, we don’t want the opposite effect, we suddenly want to get an excess shine. So, with a large brush with very loose hair, I apply a little translucent powder on the forehead, nose and chin , very subtle.

And ready! Choose the makeup tone that best suits your skin tone, the makeup tone that will look best at any party you attend, or simply pick the one you like best no matter where you go. and the creativity of each.

Skin is taken care of daily

Remember that it is not worth caring only for a few hours before a special event when we want to be perfectly composed. We see that every day, in our homes, because we are now in wedding season, we take care of our skin and see if it is healthy, if we give it the care it deserves. What does this mean? next:

  • Cleanse your face morning and night with a cleansing gel, micellar water or cleansing milk. It is essential to go to bed completely without makeup, wipe your face in the morning, and remove any cream left over from the previous night or any natural secretions secreted from your skin while you sleep.
  • Applying a tonic can be a tonic for non-sensitive skin or oatmeal water for sensitive skin so that the skin is thoroughly cleansed.
  • La sign language basics. All women, regardless of skin type, should use a moisturizer day and night, but this is especially true for women with dry skin. Dry skin is caused precisely by a lack of internal moisture, so drinking plenty of water and externally hydrating with creams are two things that you should do yes or no.
  • The nutrition . Eating good nutrition nutrition can greatly benefit the appearance and health of your skin, but we’re not talking about nutrition like that. We are talking about the nutrition that creams give us. In addition to hydration, people with dry skin should also nourish their skin with certain serums before applying a moisturizer, or with a nourishing facial cream applied at night instead of a moisturizer.

There are numerous types of creams on the market. It’s all about finding good reviews on the internet (users who have provided enough data about this product) and what works best for your skin type. Lucky!

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