Day 143 of Israel’s Conflict with Gaza: Important Events and Updates | Gaza-Israel Conflict News

As Israel’s offensive in Gaza continues, they are expected to submit a report to the ICJ regarding their actions. Here is the latest update as of Monday, February 26, 2024:

Fighting and Humanitarian Crisis

The Israeli military reportedly shelled and fired on Palestinians waiting for food aid trucks in Gaza City, resulting in 10 deaths and at least 15 injuries. The attack took place on the coastal road in northern Gaza City. Those injured have been taken to al-Shifa Hospital.

UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, expressed horror at reports of a two-month-old baby dying of hunger in Gaza. Photos and testimonies also show the Israeli army targeting two Palestinian sisters, killing one as they searched for food in Beit Lahiya.

The Israeli war cabinet has approved a military plan to provide humanitarian assistance in Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned a possible delay in an Israeli offensive in Rafah if a truce is reached with Hamas.

Regional Tensions and Diplomacy

Israel has been given one month by the ICJ to submit a report on measures taken in response to a genocide case brought by South Africa. The final day of public hearings is underway in a separate ICJ case on Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories since 1967.

In the US, a military service member set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Washington as a protest against the war in Gaza. The incident was livestreamed on Twitch.

Violence in the Occupied West Bank

Israeli forces have erected a tower with surveillance cameras at the western wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem. There are concerns about restrictions on Muslim worshipers during Ramadan. Israel plans to build over 3,300 new homes in West Bank settlements in response to a Palestinian shooting attack, drawing criticism from the US.

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