Israeli delegation set to visit Qatar for further discussions on Gaza | Updates on Israel’s conflict with Gaza

The agreement framework includes a six-week ceasefire with the possibility of exchanging captives and increasing aid. An Israeli delegation is expected to visit Qatar soon to continue discussions on a ceasefire in Gaza that could result in the release of captives. Talks began in Paris last week with Israeli officials and mediators from the US, Qatar, and Egypt. Israeli national security adviser Tzachi Hanegbi mentioned the possibility of reaching an agreement. Negotiators met with the Israeli cabinet, which agreed to send a delegation to Qatar for further negotiations. The framework could lead to a ceasefire lasting up to six weeks, with daily releases of Israeli hostages from Gaza in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. There could also be an increase in humanitarian aid to Gaza and a return of Palestinians to heavily bombarded areas in the northern enclave. Hamas has not commented on the potential agreement. Pressure is mounting on Netanyahu’s government to secure the release of captives, with protests in Tel Aviv demanding swifter action and new leadership. Protesters are calling for a new government that prioritizes the needs of the people.

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