Israeli Attacks on Gaza’s Rafah Escalate Despite US and UN Warnings | Latest Updates on Israel’s Conflict with Gaza

The United States has informed Israel that it will not support an unplanned ground assault on Rafah in the Gaza Strip. President Biden has called the attacks on Gaza “over the top”. Israeli forces have increased their air strikes and tank shelling on Rafah, with deadly consequences for civilians, including children. The United States has expressed concern about the large number of displaced Palestinians in Rafah and has cautioned against a large-scale offensive. President Biden has also called Israel’s conduct in Gaza “over the top”.
The US administration issued a memorandum outlining standards for countries receiving US military aid, following Israel’s extensive military actions in Gaza. Meanwhile, reports state that the Israeli military has only been able to eliminate one-third of Hamas fighters, despite their goal of achieving “total victory” over the Palestinian group. UN officials and agencies have expressed alarm at the possibility of an Israeli incursion into Rafah, warning of catastrophic humanitarian and regional consequences.
Efforts to establish a truce between Israel and Hamas have not yielded results, and Israel has rejected terms set out by Hamas for ending the fighting in Gaza. Reports of a potential ground operation in Rafah have also raised concerns in Egypt, with warnings that such an action could jeopardize the country’s peace treaty with Israel.

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