If you are curious about the 13 benefits of manggae tree root and how to eat it?

Mango tree root efficacy

Manggae tree root is known to be good for detoxification, stomach health, intestinal health, diuretic action, and arthritis. Manggae tree root has been used steadily since ancient times, and it is excellent in detoxification and helps to improve health.

Let me tell you about the benefits of mango tree root, how to eat it, and its side effects.

anticancer effect

Manggae tree root efficacy is helpful for cancer. Antioxidants in the roots of the Manggae tree improve blood circulation and increase metabolism, which is effective in preventing the increase of cancer cells.

Manggae tree root is good for reducing the incidence of several certain cancers as well as anti-cancer effects. We recommend Manggae tree root, which boosts immunity and has anti-cancer effects.


remove inflammation

Manggae tree root effect is good for removing inflammation. It is effective in reducing inflammation in the body and removing toxins to protect against diseases such as arthritis, hepatitis, and tonsillitis.



Manggae tree root has a diuretic effect. If your body usually swells frequently and suffers from edema, the root of the Manggae tree can help.

Manggae tree root improves kidney function and activates diuretic action, which has the effect of discharging unnecessary water and waste from the body.


hypertension prevention

Manggae tree root effect helps prevent high blood pressure. Manggae tree root contains rutin, which is good for lowering blood pressure.

It is effective in protecting against diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis by lowering blood cholesterol levels and keeping blood pressure stable. 


vascular health

Manggae tree root effect is blood vessel health. Manggae tree roots are rich in minerals that are good for blood vessel health, which lowers triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels, which are lipid components in the blood, and keeps blood vessels healthy.

If you want to lower the LDL cholesterol level, which is bad for blood vessel health, prevent high blood pressure, and prevent heart disease, I recommend the root of the mango tree.


beauty skin

Manggae tree root contains various minerals and antioxidants that are effective for skin care. We recommend the mango tree root, which prevents wrinkles on the skin and keeps dry and rough skin clean.


boost immunity

Manggae tree root is effective in boosting immunity. If you eat manggae tree roots steadily, you can protect your immunity from external harmful cells.

Mango tree roots are good for preventing seasonal diseases such as colds and flu, which can be easily caught in the cold season, and boosting immunity.



Manggae tree root helps with diet and is effective in losing weight. Drinking manggae tree root as tea before meals reduces appetite and is good for dieting.

Manggae tree root reduces appetite and helps relieve stress caused by dieting.


improve cholesterol levels

Manggae tree root has the effect of improving cholesterol levels. Drinking Manggae tree root as tea steadily increases HDL cholesterol levels, which are good for the body, and lowers LDL cholesterol levels, which are harmful to the body, improving cholesterol levels and improving blood vessel health.


blood clot prevention

Manggae tree root is effective in preventing blood clots, which are narrowing of arteries due to blood coagulation. It is good for keeping blood vessels healthy by preventing blood clots, which are the cause of myocardial infarction, heart attack, and stroke.


toxin removal

Manggae tree root has the effect of removing toxins accumulated in the body. Manggae tree roots help to boost immunity and protect the body from various diseases by discharging wastes and toxins accumulated in the body from harmful environments.



Manggae tree roots contain saponin, which has a detoxifying effect. It helps to flush out bad toxins from the body and detoxifies the body.


how to eat

Manggae tree root is difficult to eat as it is, so it is good to drink it as a tea. Soak the root of Manggae tree in hot water and drink it as a tea.

It is recommended to drink mango tree root tea before meals and should be drunk warm.


Side Effect

Manggae tree root has a cold nature, so it is better not to eat it if you have weak kidney function. Eating too much mango tree root can lead to constipation and frequent trips to the bathroom due to its diuretic effect.

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