Hungary’s ratification clears final hurdle for Sweden’s NATO membership | NATO News

The Hungarian parliament vote finally ends over 18 months of delays, ratifying Sweden’s bid to join NATO. The vote, which saw 188 members in favor and six against, comes after months of negotiations to persuade Hungary’s nationalist government to lift its block on Sweden’s membership.

With unanimous support from all NATO members required for new countries to join, Hungary’s approval was the final hurdle after Turkey ratified the request last month. Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson hailed the vote as a historic day, ready to take on the responsibility of NATO’s security.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who had previously criticized Sweden and faced pressure from EU and NATO allies, acknowledged that Hungary’s security would be strengthened by military cooperation with Sweden and its NATO accession. A recent agreement between Sweden and Hungary for the purchase of fighter jets further solidified their partnership.

Following a meeting between Kristersson and Orban in Budapest, the defense industry agreement was announced, including the acquisition of Swedish-made jets by Hungary. The final step for Sweden to officially join NATO is a presidential signature, expected in the coming days. This will make Sweden the 32nd member of the alliance.

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