How to strengthen brittle nails

Remember, your fingernails are not tools you use to open cans or peel labels. All of this can weaken your nails and make them brittle in the long run.

Is it difficult to keep your hands as beautiful as you want them to be? Not sure how to care for brittle nails?

In this article, we will introduce some effective home remedies for brittle nails.

Why are my nails weak and brittle?

Not wearing gloves while using detergent or doing household chores, lack of moisture, fungus (athlete’s foot), and cold can all cause brittle nail tips.

Women do a lot of work in various fields at home or in the company, but they want to maintain a beautiful appearance. Of course, this includes hands and fingernails. How can I prevent my nails from breaking? Read these tips and start making changes to your habits.

Always wear gloves when washing dishes

The same goes for cleaning floors and cleaning windows. Detergents contain chemicals that can damage your skin and nails, and constant contact with hot or cold water is not good practice for your hands.

Eat more protein and fatty acids

In many cases, nails become weak due to a lack of essential nutrients in the body. In this case, you should pay more attention to your diet. Try eating white meat, eggs , green leafy vegetables, and beans for extra protein. Fatty acids can be obtained from nuts, dairy products, oils and seeds.

Take care of your nails immediately

You can trim or trim your nails if they are broken, but this will make them look different from other nails. Cut a piece of tea bag paper, put some glue on it, attach it to your nail, and when the glue dries, smooth it out and apply clean manicure.

cut your nails short

Cutting your nails short is not only fashionable but also prevents them from breaking easily. Don’t scrape your nail polish when it’s about to crack. This can weaken the surface.

Beware of Nail Care Products

Nail remover is a very bad product for your nails.  So limit yourself to using it once a week, and try natural alternatives like cotton wool and essential oils.

It is not recommended to use artificial fingernails, as they weaken the original nail and cause some of its surface to fall off. Avoid nail polishing your nails all the time, and give them a break at least once a week.

Don’t use it as a tool

Fingernails are not scissors, lid openers, label removers, or cleaning tools. Use a separate tool instead of your fingernails. Using your nails for everyday activities will weaken them.

Do not bite your nails or put them in your mouth

Biting nails are not aesthetically pleasing. Besides, you don’t want to transfer germs from your fingers to your mouth. This bad habit makes your nails weak.

Manicure should be applied only once a week

You can go to a nail salon or apply your own manicure at home. After a good exfoliation and trimming of nails, you should massage with essential oil (or olive oil).

Natural remedy for brittle nails

In addition to making changes to your habits to improve nail health, you can benefit from nature with these natural remedies:


How to strengthen brittle nails

Onions strengthen nails and prevent infections and fungi.

Cut an onion in half and place it on your nails for 5 minutes.  It is recommended to rinse with water after at least 2 hours. Try this at least 3 times a week, at night.


Garlic has properties similar to onions and helps your nails grow faster and healthier.


  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 cup of water
  • juice of 1 lemon

how to make

Chop the garlic and put it in a saucepan with water. Boil the water to evaporate the liquid, then turn off the heat and add the lemon juice. Place in a clean container with a lid and store in the refrigerator for several hours.

Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it to unvarnished nails . Try this every other night, so that the effect lasts until the morning.

olive oil

How to strengthen brittle nails

Olive oil not only strengthens your nails, but also softens your hands.


  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 5 drops of lemon juice

how to make

Heat the oil in a saucepan over low heat, then add the lemon juice when warm. Soak a cotton ball and apply it to your nails. Wait 5 minutes and put on cotton gloves. Leave it on overnight and the next morning it’s already dry, so you don’t need to rinse it off.


Horsetail is a useful plant for treating brittle nails.  It can be used alone or in combination with other plants. One way to get the benefits of horsetail is to make a tea.


  • 1 tablespoon of horsetail
  • 1 cup boiling water

how to make

Brew the tea as usual. Once warm, strain the tea and soak your fingers in the cup for 10 minutes. It also scrubs the cuticles and allows them to absorb into the skin without rinsing. Repeat 4 times a week.

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