Houthis recruiting an unprecedented number of fighters – What impact will this have on Yemen? | Israel’s conflict with Gaza

The group of Houthi spokespersons in Beirut, Lebanon, have stated that they have recruited and trained more than 200,000 new fighters since beginning its actions in the Red Sea to support Palestine. The group has been intercepting and attacking Israel-linked ships to pressure Israel for a ceasefire in Gaza. The Houthis have widened their attacks to include ships linked to a United States-led coalition attacking their positions in Yemen. Despite concerns about future Houthi offensives and the impact on a ceasefire deal, a Houthi official stated that peace opportunities exist and the group does not intend to target any internal party unless it targets the Houthis. The Houthis have increased recruitment since their actions in the Red Sea and the formation of a coalition to protect international shipping led by the US. The group has deployed troops to flashpoints across Yemen, including the region of Marib, and the possibility of a lasting peace in Yemen seems nonexistent due to recent developments. The ceasefire talks were on the verge of announcing a breakthrough deal before being delayed due to developments in the war in Gaza.

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