Great tea tree oil with many benefit

Tea tree oil has been used in skin treatments for centuries. But did you know that tea tree oil also has medicinal uses?
Great tea tree oil with many benefits

Interestingly, tea tree oil is native to Australia. It is also where tea tree oil was discovered when the leaves, whose scientific name is Melaleuca alternifolia, were steam distilled.

Since then, Aboriginal Australians have used tea tree oil for a variety of conditions, from skin irritations to respiratory ailments, colds and allergies.

Currently, the pharmaceutical and beauty industries are launching many products related to tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil with a unique scent can be easily found in drugstores, but it is inexpensive and is very effective for many symptoms.

Below are some of the benefits of using tea tree oil on a daily basis .

Acne treatment with tea tree oil

You can get rid of persistent pimples and blackheads with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so it is perfect for dealing with these skin problems.

However, you should not apply unrefined tea tree oil to your skin.

How to use tea tree oil to treat acne

tea tree oil


  • 1 drop of tea tree oil
  • 10 drops of water
  • 5 drops witch hazel


After mixing the ingredients well, apply it to the face with a cotton pad. Twice in the morning and evening is appropriate. After a week, you will see positive results.

Dry nail cuticle care with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is also effective in managing brittle and cracked nail cuticles . It is also good for treating toenail fungus.

  • For a beautiful manicure, drop some tea tree oil on a cotton pad and wipe your cuticles once in a while. After a few minutes, your cuticles will settle down.
  • To treat nail fungus, add 5 drops of tea tree oil into your nail polish. After shaking the nail polish, apply it well.

Treatment of psoriasis with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is good for treating psoriasis

Pityriasis is a skin disease that appears in spring and autumn.

It is a disease that begins as a sore and then turns into erythema, followed by peeling of the skin.

The cause of pityriasis is infection, and in many cases treatment is limited to the use of corticosteroids. However, tea tree oil can be used to stop the progression of the disease. Tea tree oil also reduces skin damage.

How to use

The ratio of tea tree oil and water should be less than 5% . 100ml of water and 5ml of tea tree oil are suitable.

  • It is important to thoroughly disinfect the pimple area before applying diluted tea tree oil. Then, apply tea tree oil and massage the area. It is recommended to do it every day.
  • Little by little, you can find that pityriasis is cured.

Treatment of athlete’s foot with tea tree oil

Athlete’s foot is caused by certain fungi. Dermatophytes thrive in warm, moist places. They also live on dead skin cells.

Symptoms of athlete ‘s foot are swelling of the skin and dry, flaky skin. Athlete’s foot is also a very uncomfortable and tricky disease because it can spread to the toenails.

Tea tree oil has the effect of slowing athlete’s foot infections.

How to use

  • Get warm water in the bathtub.
  • Add 10 drops each of tea tree oil and rosemary oil.
  • Soak your feet for 20 minutes. Then drain properly. Repeat every time you get home.

Tea tree oil is the best mosquito repellent

tea tree oil

Repelling mosquitoes with tea tree oil is a trick that never fails. If you live in a very humid place, you are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes . There are no pesky insects like mosquitoes. Mosquitoes also transmit diseases by sucking blood.

Make your own mosquito repellent with tea tree oil.


  • 50ml water
  • 10 drops of tea tree
  • 100 drops of lemon juice

how to make

Prepare a container that can be an oil diffuser. After that, mix the ingredients well and apply it to your skin before going to bed.

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