Foods that are bad for inflammation and 13 recommendations

If it’s a bad food for inflammation, you should be careful first. Inflammation is a natural immune response that occurs when cells in our body are damaged. However, if inflammation is neglected and management is neglected, the probability of other diseases occurring increases.

Knowing how to get rid of possible inflammation and prevent it can help you stay healthy. So, let’s find out which foods cause inflammation and which foods are good for preventing inflammation.

foods bad for inflammation

If inflammation progresses chronically, the state of inflammation can develop into other major diseases. Even simple skin diseases cannot be ignored. Inflammation seen on the outside of the body as well as inflammation in the organs inside our body needs to be managed.

refined carbohydrates

Wheat flour is a representative source of refined carbohydrates. Wheat flour is the main ingredient for making cookies and bread, but it contains many nutrients.

Refined carbohydrates are processed to taste, and various sugars and chemical seasonings are added. Refined white bread or cakes are one of the representative foods that cause inflammation. 

processed meat

Eating meats that are high in protein and low in fat can have good effects on our body. However, processed meat such as ham or bacon using meat accumulates cholesterol and fat in the body. Sausage also plays a similar role, making it a bad food for inflammation that causes inflammation.

fried food

Fried food raises cholesterol and makes the blood components in the body cloudy. If you make the blood sticky, it will have an adverse effect on the accumulation in the blood vessels. If you are prone to inflammation in your body, make sure you are not consuming too many fried foods.

carbonated drink

Sodas contain a lot of sugar, which makes the blood cloudy and obstructs blood flow. When the blood supply is not smooth, the probability of inflammation in various parts of the body that lacks blood flow increases. And the waste products that sugar builds up also cause inflammation.


Alcohol generally reduces immunity in our body and blurs the brain. When you pour your body’s energy to break down alcohol, inflammation easily occurs due to reduced immunity. It is the same reason why skin problems easily occur the day after drinking alcohol.

delivery food

Not all delivery food is bad. However, most of the delivery food contains a lot of various seasonings and sauces, including chemical seasonings. Even these delivery foods need to be covered and ordered. Even if you do get delivery food, try ordering the healthiest food possible.

Measures to Prevent Inflammation

In order to prevent inflammation, it is good to combine exercise with food. You can prevent pain and various diseases as well as inflammation if you have a diet that boosts your body’s immunity and digests well, and a diet that clears your blood vessels. Start the habit of staying away from foods that are bad for inflammation now.

improve eating habits

Please make sure that our usual favorite food diet is not the foods that cause inflammation listed above. If your diet consists of inflammatory foods, you need to make an effort to change your eating habits.

It’s really hard to change everything at once. But what if we change one thing at a time? First, replace the white rice with brown rice, and then replace the sausage with the lean portion of beef or pork.

It would be nice to add that you drink tea instead of cola or soda.


steady exercise

Exercise activates the body’s metabolism and has the effect of improving immunity. If you think about your diet while exercising, the chances of inflammation will definitely decrease.

Start lightly, but combine aerobic exercise and muscle exercise. Indeed, protein supplementation is a must to prevent muscle loss.

foods good for inflammation

Most of the foods that are good for inflammation are pure foods and teas that are less processed. Eating foods high in antioxidants, including nuts, is very effective in preventing and improving inflammation. Let’s see what types of food there are.


Nuts are the first food ingredient to make up a good diet. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews contain unsaturated fatty acids.

In addition, it contains a large amount of antioxidants along with dietary fiber, so it is full and rich in nutrients. People with chronic inflammation are advised to eat a handful of nuts each day for a moderate calorie intake.


Fruit contains a variety of nutrients that may have anti-cancer effects. Berries, in particular, contain a lot of ingredients and are highly effective. Blueberries and raspberries are typical.

Consistently eating seasonal fruits such as tangerines, apples, grapes, and cherries is very good for preventing inflammation.


Vegetables, which contain a large amount of antioxidants along with dietary fiber, play a role in relieving and calming inflammation in our body. Consuming vegetables of various colors causes the human body to respond accordingly.

What are some good vegetables? There are vegetables that are commonly seen around, such as broccoli and spinach or paprika and cabbage. In addition, spices such as garlic, onions, or ginger and sesame, which serve as seasonings for side dishes, are also very effective in relieving inflammation


Blue-backed fish are high in omega-3s. Tuna or mackerel are typical high-protein, low-fat fish. There are also sardines, sauries, and anchovies. Rather than looking only for foods that are bad for inflammation, try these foods close to you.


low fat dairy

Milk contains many nutrients, so when young people or middle-aged people consume it, inflammation can be prevented and it helps bone health. Processed cheese may also help. It is helpful to consume low-fat or fat-free milk with as little fat as possible.


whole grains

Unrefined grains like brown rice and oats are rich in minerals. They also contain far more fiber than refined grains. These whole grains are slow to digest, so they are good for blood sugar control and prevent inflammation.


green tea and black coffee

Various plant teas, including green tea, contain a lot of antioxidants. Also, coffee without added sugar or synthetic seasonings is rich in polyphenols, including chlorogenic acid.

In addition to green tea and coffee, ginger and chamomile teas are also very good for preventing inflammation. Even after eating bad foods for inflammation, drink tea to clean blood vessels and restore your body.

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