Estrogen causes menstrual cramps

Many women experience menstrual cramps when menstruating. However, gynecologists explain that there is no other way than taking birth control pills or taking anti-inflammatory drugs. In today’s article, we’ll look at the estrogen hormone that causes menstrual cramps, and explain how you can treat menstrual cramps with food and natural supplements.

Estrogen causes menstrual cramps

The main cause of menstrual cramps is excessive production of estrogen in the blood. Estrogen is an essential hormone for good health. Estrogen affects intelligence, bone development, and blood circulation.

However, excessive estrogen secretion is a problem. Excessive production of the estrogen hormone, which causes menstrual cramps, can cause various imbalances and aggravate menstrual cramps.

Estrogen causes menstrual cramps

Causes of Excess Estrogen

Below are the factors that influence estrogen levels to increase. Males and females, apply in common:

  • When you eat harmful or irritating foods and cannot properly digest them
  • stress
  • smoking and drinking
  • Pollution
  • Using poisonous foods and toxic products (soap, shampoo , cosmetics, etc.)
  • birth control pills
Estrogen causes menstrual cramps

Dangers of Excessive Estrogen

Menstrual cramps aren’t the only problem with high estrogen levels. can cause other diseases. These include:

  • Your menstrual cycle may become irregular
  • headache 
  • muscle & joint pain
  • Indigestion
  • hair loss , hair loss
  • dry skin
  • chronic fatigue

harmful food

To treat this hormonal imbalance condition, you should avoid the following foods as much as possible:

  • Sugar and sugary drinks: Sugar doesn’t help. White sugar is particularly harmful. It depletes minerals and makes it increasingly acidic. Cut out sugar completely and replace it with stevia, honey, fruit, or whole grain molasses.
  • Wheat: The wheat we eat these days is in a very impure state. Many people do not digest well. Eat oats or rye instead of wheat . And at this time, choose whole grains.
  • Milk (cow’s milk): People with high estrogen levels are more likely to suffer from lactose intolerance . Even if they don’t realize it, there’s a good chance they do. We recommend oat, almond, or rice milk. Alternatively, sheep’s milk or cow cheese are fine. Soy milk is not a healthy food. Soymilk is usually made by transplanting a gene and is rich in estrogen.
  • I don’t eat a lot of meat. It is appropriate to eat it once every 15 days. And at this time, eat it with salad or vegetables.
  • Avoid beverages such as coffee, alcohol, and cola as much as possible.
Estrogen causes menstrual cramps

an effective supplement

If you refrain from the unhealthy foods described above, you will feel much better.

Additionally, taking the three supplements described below can help control excess estrogen and regulate your hormonal system.

  • Linseed Oil: Coldly extracted flaxseed oil is rich in essential fatty acids. It will normalize your hormone levels when your estrogen levels are high. It is also good for people with dry skin. Take 1T (15gm) per day. You can take the oil alone, or you can take it with other foods. If you don’t like the taste, you can buy the capsule form.
  • Agnus castus: This herb helps with menstrual irregularities. It can also stimulate ovulation when there is no menstruation for no apparent reason. Take 200mg of extract per day for 3-4 months. That way you can see the effect.
  • Maca: A root plant native to the Andes, maca is known as a superfood that helps normalize hormones. This is because it works in the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. It really has a lot of energy, so if you eat it during times of stress, you will see the effect. 3-6 gm per day is adequate. You can take it as a capsule or mix it with water, juice or yogurt. Taking this can make you nervous. In this case, reduce the dosage and take linseed oil or agnus castus instead of maca.

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