Analyzing Putin’s Fixations in the Tucker Carlson Interview | Latest News on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin told conservative US journalist Tucker Carlson that ending Moscow’s almost two-year-old invasion of Ukraine is “simple” in his first interview with a Western reporter since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began two years ago. The Kremlin handpicked Carlson, a former Fox News superstar-turned-online commentator, due to his characterization of the Russia-Ukraine war as a “border dispute” and his calls to cut off multibillion aid packages to Kyiv. The interview was conducted in a Kremlin audience hall with gilded furniture, and Carlson did not challenge Putin’s claims.

During the interview, Putin urged Carlson and Republicans to stop supporting Ukraine and concentrate on domestic problems. He argued that the solution to ending the fighting is to stop supplying weapons, suggesting it could be over within a few weeks if this were to happen. Carlson did not challenge Putin’s claims, even when he made outlandish and ungrounded statements, such as his belief that elected leaders do not run the United States.

Putin also provided a history lesson on Eastern Europe’s history, asserting the Kremlin’s manipulative view on Kyivan Rus and its disintegration. To Ukrainian observers, Putin’s interpretation of events is a sobering and threatening reminder that the Kremlin denies Ukraine’s very right to exist.

The interview, viewed by some as a Kremlin public relations stunt designed to convince average Russians that Putin’s war did not turn their nation into an international pariah, comes at a critical time for Ukraine. The interview’s timing, as well as recent internal developments in Ukraine, raises questions about the extent of its potential impact. However, to Ukrainian servicemen, the interview is seen as a demonstration of weakness, with one drone operator stationed in the eastern region of Donetsk dismissing it as two “losers” trying to support each other through conspiracy theories.

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