Clea Sharer’s journey to overcoming breast cancer

In 2021, the Netflix star is suspected of changing his life in one year. Currently, Clea Sharer is restoring her health and focusing on cancer prevention campaigns.
Clea Sharer's journey to overcoming breast cancer

Clea Sharer has reached a new turning point in her life. Sharer is now focused on raising awareness among women about breast cancer diagnosis and timely treatment. Sharer, the Netflix star, discovered and overcame breast cancer a year after occasionally noticing the subtle signals her body was sending. In this article, we will look at Clea Sharer’s process of overcoming breast cancer.

It has been 7 months since the host of ‘A More Ordered Life’ informed the public about breast cancer and started fighting to fight breast cancer. During that time, Sharer underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

The breast cancer diagnosis was tough news, but Sharer stayed focused and decided to save her life.

“If I hadn’t accepted cancer myself, I would have been in a completely different situation.”

-Clea Sharer-

Clea Sharer’s Doubt Embodied in Diagnosis

In the summer of 2021, after the first signs appeared, the body continued to alert Sharer. Sharer didn’t think the breast lump was a big deal,  since there were no other signs of anything wrong.

In late February 2022, a breast self-exam set off alarm bells for Sharer, who was 40 years old. Shearer, who found it odd that her breast lump had doubled, was immediately examined.

A mammogram and an ultrasound were done, but  the ultrasound revealed something troubling, leading to an urgent triple biopsy . And on March 8, breast cancer was confirmed.

Breast cancer: the most common cancer affecting women

Uncontrolled growth of breast cells causes breast cancer . The American Cancer Society explains that a palpable lump seen on an X-ray may be breast cancer  .

Breast cancer has several stages and types of malignancies, with ductal carcinoma (DCIS) and invasive carcinoma being the most common types.

There are also less common types, such as angiosarcoma and giant fibroadenoma . According to ‘Revista Venezolana de Oncología’ and ‘Revista Chilena de Radiología’, the former represents a painless purplish nodule and the latter is a tumor with necrosis and risk of ulceration.

Bibliography on pathology emphasizes that breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women . However, the World Health Organization (WHO) points out that by 2020 in some countries, mortality related to the disease will drop by 40%.

The WHO campaign promotes early detection, timely diagnosis and comprehensive management to reduce annual mortality from breast cancer.

Clea Sharer's Breast Cancer
According to medical guidelines, periodic mammography is an effective method for early detection of breast cancer.


Early detection is the best way to prevent breast cancer . Although self-examination has not been proven effective in reducing mortality, it is listed as a diagnostic method responsible for first warning.

Mammography, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging are other methods for medical evaluation of cancer by ‘Revista Médica Sinergia’ .

The Pan American Health Organization suggests scheduling mammograms every two years in well-resourced settings . If angiography is difficult, get a clinical examination. The age at which these tests start varies according to national health guidelines.

risk factors

Breast lumps tend to be considered normal because they are mostly benign and do not spread outward. However, these lumps increase the likelihood of oncological conditions.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put age, family history, genetic mutations, and other prior breast pathologies in the context of increased risk.

Breast cancer is more common in women, but men can get it too .

Breast cancer symptoms you shouldn’t overlook

Sharer had no family history and was old enough to think that a diagnosis of cancer was impossible, but the symptoms became clearer after the diagnosis.

The Mayo Clinic and ARBOR journal references include breast cancer symptoms such as:

  • armpit lump
  • nipple indentation
  • swelling of the arm
  • nipple discharge
  • breast lumps or thickening
  • Breast skin redness and holes
  • Areola and breast skin scabs and peeling

However, doctors say patients may confuse the signs, considering benign tumors in the premenopausal breast .

Clea Sharer's self-breast exam
After detecting abnormalities through breast self-examination, consult a specialist.

Clea Sharer’s breast cancer treatment process

A month after discovering breast cancer, Clea Sharer underwent nine-hour surgery to perform a bilateral mastectomy. She was hospitalized again a week later as her skin had necrotic.

He underwent 20 weeks of chemotherapy with Adriamycin ® and paclitaxel , supplemented with 5 weeks of radiation and hormone therapy, but experienced strong side effects.

The National Cancer Institute details that side effects occur when treatments affect healthy organs and tissues . In general, patients tend to experience:

During treatment, the professional organizer contracted COVID-19.

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Clea Sharer’s New Life

Clea Sharer, who sounded the alarm about breast cancer, overcame cancer . The artist, who has had a difficult year, is still militantly promoting the importance of early breast cancer diagnosis.

Sharer hopes her case will be a useful experience for more women to take care of their health. To that end, she founded the Clea Sharer Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an organization that promotes early detection of breast cancer.

Sharer plans to enjoy a new life with family and friends while promoting her campaign.

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