Broom cleaning to make every nook and cranny neat

The cleaning secrets that will be explained in this article are simple, but you can clean them with a broom without dust.

How to clean every nook and cranny with a broom and can static electricity remove hair from the floor? Broom cleaning is a simple and meticulous way to remove dust from your home .

Purchasing a cleaning robot can save you cleaning time, but a traditional broom can also save you the need to buy a new appliance if you use it well.

I’m not saying that not buying appliances is best. But if you’re currently on a tight budget, review the strategies below and understand the importance of broom cleaning.

Why is thorough broom cleaning so important?

Sweeping with a broom is an operation to remove floor dust, and dust and dirt may remain even if you sweep carefully in every corner .

If the surface is not cleaned well, debris can build up and be harmful to your health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes that regular surface cleaning should prevent bacterial growth and remove impurities to protect family health .

How to use a broom to clean your house

Broom Cleaning Tips
Learn how to clean a broom efficiently.

It is important to make good use of a broom to sweep dust from the house . There are several types of brooms that are determined by the size of the broom, the quality of the hair, the length of the handle and the shape of the head.

Indoors, we recommend a bristle broom to sweep any type of floor with ease . Use a narrow broom in a small space, and a wide broom in a large area.

Synthetic bristle brooms are great for smooth surfaces, while natural bristles repels dirt well from hardwood, concrete, and other textured floors. Now let’s see how to use a broom effectively.

plastic bag cover

There are times when it is difficult to remove hair or pet hair from the floor due to static electricity . And even if you keep sweeping it, it keeps getting tangled in the broom.

A trick to clean up hair that has fallen on the floor is to put a plastic bag on a broom. Tie a plastic bag to the broom brush and clean as usual.

When all the hair and dirt on the surface sticks to the plastic bag, remove the bag and throw it away.

How to use a broom: turn it into dust

remove broom bacteria
Sweeping your home regularly will help get rid of bacteria.

All dust and other foreign matter can be removed. Apply double-sided tape to both sides of the broom except for the end that touches the floor .

The dust doesn’t rise or spread over the broom, but sticks to the double-sided tape instead . After cleaning, remove the double-sided tape and throw it away.

How to use a broom: tie stockings

Recycle old stockings just like you did with plastic bags. Poke holes on both sides of the stocking and cover the entire thing, starting with the handle of the broom. Static electricity causes fibers to stick to stockings in dirt and debris.

Moisten the dust with wet newspaper

Another effective way to use your home is to pre-wet the dust. If you place damp newspaper on the floor and allow dust to stick to it, the dust will not be blown away when you sweep it with a broom.

How to complement broom cleaning

House dust is composed of invisible and harmful components. If you are sensitive to dust, you should always clean carefully using other cleaning tools.

In this regard, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology suggests using gloves and masks when cleaning . We also recommend a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency (HEPA ) filter or particle collector .

Broom cleaning is essential

Brooms are also disinfected after use to optimize cleaning . For this purpose, it is recommended to remove dust with a lint comb and gloves. Wear a mask, especially if you have dust allergies .

Soak the broom in a bucket of soapy water for a few minutes, then wring it out to dry completely before using it again. Finally, wash the handle with a mixture of water and disinfectant , and you’ll get a perfect clean with a broom.

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