The challenges of a dragon baby boom during the lunar new year: Navigating superstitions and traditions | Arts and Culture News

Herman Wu, another person who was born in 1976, says that his school year was both larger and more competitive due to the number of Dragon babies. He noted that there were both benefits and drawbacks to the situation, such as traditional wedding rituals that require a Dragon zodiac sign, like his, for auspicious purposes. Children with the Dragon sign would receive a “red envelope” with cash, which Wu says provided him with pocket money throughout his childhood. The color red is considered lucky in Chinese culture, and red envelopes are given to young people by their elders during Lunar New Year festivities.

Another expectant mother, Cici Jiang, who is due to have a baby boy in March, is excited that her baby will be born in the Year of the Dragon. She mentioned that while she didn’t plan for her baby to be a Dragon, many of the women in her pregnancy chat group did. They had used IVF to become pregnant and were thrilled to have a Dragon baby. However, their babies were born before the Lunar New Year and ended up with the zodiac sign of the Rabbit instead. People born in Rabbit years are said to be gentle and creative, although it is not as prestigious as being a Dragon. Jiang feels blessed to be having a Dragon baby, as she is the only one in her group to have a baby with that zodiac sign. She has been told how lucky she is and feels very blessed.

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