6 tips for healthy low-fat cooking

It is not recommended to completely cut fat from your diet, but you should eat it in moderation and, above all, choose the right fat.

Excessive fat intake is one of the major obstacles to living the dream of maintaining a suitable and healthy weight. So, it is essential to have healthy, low-fat dishes to get rid of excess fat.

The biggest problem is that fat is in many of the foods we eat every day, and on top of that, we ignore the fact that we don’t care how much fat we eat or use recipes that make us fat.

Because of this, we often fail on our diets and find it difficult to get the results we want even when we exercise.

6 tips for healthy low-fat cooking

To properly achieve your goals, a good start is to try out some tips that will help you cook healthily.

In this article, you will find out the 6 best tips for low-fat cooking.

Let’s start together!

1. Substitute healthy ingredients

Substitute healthy ingredients

Have you ever cared about the quality of the ingredients you use in your cooking? Do you know what fats it contains and how much?

If not, you will be surprised.

Fortunately, there are opportunities to use alternative ingredients that are healthier because they are lower in calories and fat.


  • If you are more accustomed to using animal fats, replace them with vegetable fats – choose ‘light’ or ‘low-fat’ products if possible.
  • Choose brands made with sunflower or canola oil, for example.
  • Avoid choosing trans fats (hydrogenated fats) and choose healthy oils such as olive oil, avocado oil, and sunflower oil.
  • Avoid regular milk and dairy products, and choose low-fat or plant-based milk.

2. Use healthy, low-fat cooking techniques

We all know that fried foods are easy to make and quite tasty. Unfortunately, deep-frying recipes use a lot of oil, so there are more fat ‘bombs’.


  • As much as possible, boil, steam, or bake your food instead of frying it.
  • When cooking meat or some vegetables, you can also grill them.

3. Skim the oil from the broth

skim off the fat from the broth

It is recommended to make the broth only with vegetables , but if you are making the broth with chicken or beef, skim off the layer of oil on the surface of the broth.


  • Wait until the broth is completely cooled, and when the oil hardens, remove it with a spoon or sieve.
  • Another option is to prepare the broth a day in advance and then freeze it. This will make it easier to remove the oil before defrosting.

4. Stir-fry lightly and eat

Because of many traditional and cultural customs, we fry our dishes with large amounts of margarine or vegetable oil. However, they can also be lightly sautéed with a little olive oil.


  • Heat a pan over low heat, then add the garlic, onion, and other ingredients.
  • Drizzle with a little olive oil and fry for 3 to 5 minutes.

5. Limit your meat intake

Limit meat intake

Including meat in your diet is not a bad thing. In fact , it’s what you need to get your daily recommended amount of protein .

The problem is that many people eat too much meat, and even in small amounts, they consume harmful fats.


  • Eat according to your daily intake, and eat lean meat.
  • Although there is always fat hidden in meat, lean meat is the healthiest.
  • Avoid cooking with added oil or other fats.
  • If you’re pan-frying or oven-baking, let it sit for a while to drain the fat before eating.
  • Salt and spices are used to a minimum.

6. Avoid store-bought dressings and sauces

In the supermarket, you can get a variety of dressings and sauces that promise to make your dishes taste better.

While it may be true that it helps flavor, many of these products contain unhealthy oils or chemical additives.


  • Even if it tastes good, stay away from these commercial products as much as possible.
  • Make your own sauce using 100% organic ingredients.
  • There are many recipes for fat-free dressings.
  • Season meats and stews with spices or lemon juice .

Do you want to improve your eating habits and limit your fat intake? If so, or if you want to lose weight, keep the above recommendations in mind and start trying these healthy recipes today.

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