5 ways to stop arguing with your partner

Arguments between couples are not always healthy. If you’re arguing with your partner and you’re starting to get annoyed, read this article to know what to do.

You need to know how to stop arguing with your partner in time to avoid damaging your relationship in the long run. This is especially important if you are arguing with your partner on a very regular basis.

Arguments are natural because they are relationships created by different people, but if conflicts are constantly repeated every day, you need to learn how to stop arguing in a healthier and better way.

You should forget the myths like ‘fighting means that others like you’. This can make fighting a habit and turn it into an unhealthy one.

Sometimes an argument can be constructive, but it’s good to know a few phrases that can help you stop an argument before it gets serious. In this article, learn how to stop arguing with your partner.

Is it possible to argue in a healthy way?

Of course, there isWhen couples argue, belittle, or even insult, it becomes an unhealthy argument. This is a red flag that should not be ignored. Because when this happens, it is very likely to harm the relationship.

However, the reason why arguments can work positively is when the members of a relationship have different perspectives on a given situation. You can get angry and raise your voice a little when you are busy explaining the situation you are in, but you must never despise the other person.

When arguing with your partner, you should always listen to each other, find common ground, and negotiate.

It’s not easy to maintain a healthy fight if you’re fighting based on examples you’ve seen from your parents or on TV.

However, you can always work on learning how to argue in a healthier way.

Respect arguing with your partner
Couples can argue in a frame of respect and fight their differing opinions to reach a common goal.

Best way to stop arguing with your partner

The following phrases can be helpful when you don’t know how to stop arguing with your partner. Over time, each person will discover their own expression and technique.

These expressions will calm the mood when an argument starts to take a harmful turn. I hope you try it once when you have to fight with your partner.

1. ‘I think this is the best, how about it?’

When you try to stick to your own opinion without listening to what the other person has to say, an endless argument ensues. In such cases, if you say, ‘I think this is the best, how about it?’, the other person feels that they have a chance to express their point of view in order to reach common ground, and the argument often cools down.

You can understand the other person’s position and opinion with expressions that are very appropriate to stop a couple’s argument in a healthy context.

2. ‘Agree/You’re right.’

It’s another expression to put a stop to an argument that gets out of hand. Usually, anger can cause you to deny the reason and escalate the situation.

‘I think differently. Just as you can say ‘I think so’, you can also say the other way around. It’s not a weak move.

3. the best way to stop arguing with your partner: ‘It hurts me when you say that.’

Another way to stop fighting is to express your feelings firmly. You can’t leave it to others to feel good or not.

Therefore, you need to learn how to express your feelings and how your partner’s words and actions affect you. This is especially useful if you tend to always start arguments for the same reasons. Active dialogue is key.

4. ‘Should we take a break and talk later?’

This phrase to stop a couple fighting is useful when you feel like you’re about to lose your temper. If your tone becomes aggressive and you feel that you are criticizing or attacking the other person, it’s a good idea to take a break and come back to the conversation later.

This can change perspective and steer the discussion in a constructive direction. There is always time to cool off.

Break an argument with your partner
Pausing a conversation to calm down is a very good tactic. You can calm your anger and enter the conversation from a different point of view.

5. Best way to stop arguing with your partner: ‘Why do we always argue about this?’

This phrase is very powerful because it helps to clarify why an argument occurred. Perhaps you come to the conclusion that a particular habit of the other person is annoying, but you endured it and eventually exploded.

Arguments will stop when you learn to manage your emotions

If you haven’t learned how to properly manage your emotions in a healthy way, it’s not easy to stop a couple’s argument with this phrase. Fortunately, there are experts who can help us.

Anything you learn from a therapist, coach, or psychologist will also help you in your relationships with friends and co-workers. After all, improving human relations is the key.

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