13 Exercises to Reduce Body Fat, Say Goodbye to Body Fat

If you want to lose body fat quickly, you need to do regular body fat reduction exercises. If you combine a diet plan and exercise to lose body fat, you can succeed in losing the weight you want.

Exercising 5 times a week for 40 minutes or more can effectively reduce body fat.


exercise to reduce body fat

It is more effective to reduce body fat by doing strong exercise in a shorter time than walking lightly. Exercises such as interval training, push-ups, kettlebell swings, and burpees are recommended for short-term body fat reduction.


interval training

Interval training is recommended as an exercise to reduce body fat. Interval training is a high-intensity full-body workout and is popular because it allows you to work out efficiently in a short amount of time.

Interval training has the effect of reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Interval training requires short breaks and repeated exercises to burn body fat.


kettlebell swing

The kettlebell swing, which uses all the muscles of the body, is an exercise to reduce body fat. Kettlebell swings are a full-body exercise, and by stimulating the abdominal muscles, they even have the effect of losing belly fat.

The strength of the kettlebell swing can vary depending on the weight of the kettlebell, and beginners should exercise with a light weight kettlebell. Kettlebell exercises are easy to do at home, and even beginners can do them with little risk of exercise injury.



push up

The push-up that anyone can easily do is an effective exercise for losing body fat. The push-up is a representative full-body strength exercise, and the more you repeat it, the more it helps to reduce body fat.

Push-ups use both upper and lower body muscles, and even beginners can do them without risk of injury. If doing even one push-up is difficult, you can do it a little easier by putting your knees on the floor.

slow burpees

If you want to lose body fat in just 10 minutes a day, do slow burpees. Slow burpees are full-body strength exercises that you can easily do at home and do without any equipment.

The slow burpee is less difficult than the burpee test, so even beginners can easily do it. Slow burpees are an exercise that has the advantages of aerobic exercise and strength training at the same time.


bicycle crunch

The bicycle crunch, which develops the abdominal and lower body muscles, is an exercise that quickly loses body fat. Bicycle crunches are effective for quickly removing body fat and building abs.

It’s important to do the exercise movements correctly for bicycle crunches, and you need to keep your feet from touching the floor. Bicycle Crunch, which reduces a lot of body fat in a short time, can be done at home with home training.


body squat

A representative body fat reduction exercise is the bare body squat. The bare body squat is an effective exercise to create a slim waistline by burning visceral and subcutaneous fat.

Body squat, a full-body exercise that quickly reduces body fat and increases muscle mass, even has a hip-up effect. For bare body squats, you need to practice a lot of correct posture to get better results.

In bare body squats, the center of gravity should be on the heels, and be careful not to let your knees go over your toes.


plank jack

Keep doing plank jacks, which are good for reducing body fat. The plank jack is a high-intensity full-body exercise and is effective in reducing body fat by stimulating the abdominal muscles.

The plank jack requires you to repeatedly bring your legs together and spread them out in a short amount of time and always keep the plank position. If you consistently do plank jacks, which stimulate not only your abdominal muscles but also your whole body muscles, you can help reduce body fat.


lunge kick

Do a good lunge kick exercise to reduce body fat. The lunge kick is a full-body diet exercise, and you can do home training at home without exercise equipment.

Lunge kick is an exercise that can develop basic physical strength and even obtain aerobic exercise effects. When doing a lunge kick, it is important to keep your body balanced, and you need to have strong abdominal muscles to reduce body recoil.


leg plank

Just 30 seconds of leg plank a day can help you lose body fat. A popular leg plank as an exercise to reduce body fat, you need to raise your legs in the air from the basic plank position.

When you do the leg plank, you need to keep your abs engaged and don’t do it for too long. You can get the effect of reducing body fat by holding on in the correct posture as much as possible in a short period of time.


mountain climber

It’s good to keep doing mountain climbers that reduce body fat. Mountain Climber is an exercise that can reduce body fat throughout the body by doing strength training and aerobic exercise at the same time.

The advantage of mountain climbers is that they do not require a large space, and you can do home training at home.

You can lose more body fat by doing mountain climbers for 1 minute. As a high-intensity exercise, the mountain climber also helps to strengthen the lower back core by continuously stimulating the abdominal muscles.


leg raise

Leg raises, in which you lie down and raise and lower your legs repeatedly, are exercises to reduce body fat. Leg raises are effective in reducing body fat quickly by using all the muscles of the whole body.

In leg raises, you have to focus on your abs and waist core to reduce the recoil of your body. It is better not to exercise too much with leg raises because there is a risk of back injury if the back core muscles are weak.


burpee test

The burpee test, well known as a high-intensity full-body diet exercise, is popular as an exercise to reduce body fat. The advantage of the burpee test is that you can do home training without exercise equipment, and it is an exercise that consumes a lot of calories in a short time.

The burpee test has the effect of burning body fat and increasing muscle mass. When you do a burpee test, you have to do as many reps as possible in a short time, and you have to do it until you run out of breath to get rid of body fat.


scissor cross

Caesar Cross, which even beginners can easily follow, is an effective exercise for reducing body fat. Scissor cross can be done by lying down on a yoga mat, spreading your legs, and repeating it like scissors.

Caesar Cross, which has the effect of reducing body fat, even loses leg fat and makes a slim lower body line. Scissor Cross is a good exercise for weight loss, but since the intensity of the exercise is high, it should be performed after sufficient stretching.

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